About Us


Voodoo Bae cosmetics was born out of two things, my daughter’s love for makeup and my love for empowering women! I saw my daughter get lost in the mirror for hours doing her makeup, creating these amazing looks and truly finding joy in getting dolled up, and I thought, “I’d love to create something that made women feel like that”! What woman doesn’t love to Get Dolled Up? Voodoo Bae and everything we create is all about the power, seduction, and beauty that lives inside of every woman. When women Get Dolled up with Voodoo Bae, I want them to feel magical. 


A little juju in every tube….


Omi aka Voodoo Bae

As someone who’s loved makeup since I was a kid, I always dreamed of starting my own cosmetics line. For me, Voodoo Bae is literally a dream come true. I love every aspect of it, from mixing and creating the signature lip toppers, to designing the packaging and logos, getting to work with my mom, and seeing the final product, it has all been truly amazing! It’s my hope that when women Get Dolled Up with Voodoo Bae they feel that same since of magic and inspiration I felt as a young girl! 


A little juju in every tube….